Derbyshire Nursery Children Embrace Sunny Weather With Maths Activities

Derbyshire nursery children embrace sunny weather with maths activities

Date: 19 Sep 2019

Children at Bright Horizons Toyota Bumpers Day Nursery and Preschool in Burnaston, Derbyshire have been making the most of the sunny weather by taking part in mathematics activities outside.

The children have enjoyed a variety of activities recently including pouring and filling containers with water as well as comparing different shapes. The activities were part of Bright Horizons’ Growing Mathematicians enhancement which aims to emphasise the importance of mathematics in everyday life.

“We understanding the importance of incorporating both play and learning in all of our activities, and this in particular was one that the children loved – especially as it took place in our newly refurbished garden.  Our daily mission is to provide rich learning and play environments that empower children to be happy and confident with a love of learning,” said Nursery Manager Jane Ganley.