Nursery In Redhill Plants 80 Trees in Partnership With Woodlands Trust

Bright Horizons Redhill Royal Earlswood Day Nursery and Preschool in Surrey have recently planted 80 trees at their nursery, as part of their Forest School initiative.

This exciting project aligns with the nursery's commitment to the Eco-Schools Programme and was made possible through a partnership with the Woodland Trust.

The forest school initiative at Bright Horizons Redhill Royal Earlswood Day Nursery and Preschool aims to provide children with a unique learning experience that fosters a deep connection with nature. By immersing children in outdoor activities and hands-on learning, the nursery strives to instil a love for the environment and a sense of responsibility helping to protect our planet.Nursery In Redhill planting trees

The 80 trees, generously provided by the Woodland Trust, have been carefully selected to enhance the nursery's outdoor space and create a vibrant natural environment for the children to explore. This initiative not only contributes to the beauty of the nursery but also provides numerous educational opportunities for the children.

Janina, Nursery Manager at Redhill Royal Earlswood Nursery said: "We are thrilled to have planted these 80 trees as part of our forest school initiative, this project allows us to create a rich and diverse outdoor learning environment for our children, while also teaching them the importance of sustainability. It’s a great we get to incorporate a fun and unique way of teaching children as part of our Bright Beginnings Curriculum and to see them all so enthusiastic about being out in the nature."

The nursery's forest school initiative is closely aligned with the Eco-Schools Programme. The initiative is composed of seven steps that nurseries and schools follow, designed to empower young people to make changes that help to protect the environment and develop their understanding of the impact of climate change.

If you are interested to find out more about the inspiring activities they get involved in and how you can become a part of the team, then you can see all the details on their website. You can also book your place to visit Royal Earlswood Day Nursery for their exciting open day taking place on January 20th.