Bright horizons reveals behind the scenes look into its new campaign

A new advertising campaign to celebrate the uniquely important role early years care and education plays in childhood has just been launched by leading nursery and employer solutions provider, Bright Horizons.

Working with the team at creative agency Life Story, Bright Horizons developed its ‘This is Childhood’ concept to authentically showcase the dedication, commitment and impact of its incredible early childhood practitioners. All the images and footage within this campaign feature real families and real teams at a Bright Horizons setting, capturing some of the everyday wonderful moments that Bright Horizons families experience.

Tamara Sanghvi, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at Bright Horizons, said: “We know that beyond things like convenience of location, what parents are really looking for is a ‘eureka’ feeling when they first walk through the door, that moment where they know their child is going to be really happy. A place that offers more than childcare, an extended family of other children and our expert practitioners that is going to become part of the foundations of their child’s early life. This is where our concept was born.”

Chris Styles, Strategy Director at Life Story said: “The more we spoke with Bright Horizons practitioners and visited their settings, the more we realised that what they do goes beyond a narrow definition of ‘childcare.’ This is Childhood not only captures the holistic nature of their approach, but also serves as a three-word manifesto for the kind of experience they believe every child and parent should have. We couldn’t be prouder to have developed the concept with them.”

The campaign, which has been launched online this week, will be aired on television screens later this summer and captures moments that are created at all Bright Horizons nurseries, celebrating what makes children so amazingly special.

Bright Horizons nurseries are more than just childcare settings, they are extraordinary, thriving, happy, and special places. They’re places where little ones get the chance to be part of a bigger family. Building friendships, playing and learning essential skills that will last a lifetime, supported every moment by our skilled and loving early years experts.

To find out more about Bright Horizons and its ‘This is Childhood’ campaign, including video footage about the making of this latest campaign, then please visit here.