Bright Horizons come together for their annual charity event

The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children have their upcoming ‘Fundation Day’ taking place on 28th November, a fundraise for Bright Spaces for vulnerable children.

Bright Horizons nurseries, colleagues and families will be coming together for a festival themed fundraiser which coincides with ‘Giving Tuesday’. They hope to raise thousands of pounds to support Bright Spaces in domestic abuse refuges, homeless shelters, prison visits halls and child protection suites in police stations.

The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children, Bright Horizons’ registered charity, is focused on improving the lives of vulnerable children and families experiencing crisis and disadvantage. Its Bright Spaces are enriching play environments for children impacted by domestic violence, abuse, homelessness, parental imprisonment, and ill health, and are designed to help children heal from trauma through play.

Some of the different activities that will be taking place on the day to raise money for the important cause is playing music and dancing, bake sales, and creating a festival atmosphere by making festival wrist bands, passes, posters and bunting across Bright Horizons settings.

Emily, Social Impact Manager at Bright Horizons said: “The Foundation has already created five Bright Spaces this year for those who are vulnerable and really need a comfortable and safe environment to go to. Trauma in childhood affects children’s physical, emotional and intellectual growth, and development. This day is going to be a fun but important day to bring community together and raise money and awareness for why we need more Bright Spaces across the UK to support disadvantaged children and their families.

“We look forward to seeing around 300 of Bright Horizons nurseries join in on the excitement and create their own festivals. We are very proud of everyone getting involved and supporting the Foundations journey.”

The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children will be opening its 100th Bright Space in 2024 further extending its support to more vulnerable children in communities across the UK.

All donations towards the Bright Space can be made on their Just Giving page here.