Green Flag Award with distinction for Didcot nursery

Bright Horizons Didcot Day Nursery and Preschool, have recently received a Green Flag Award with a distinction recognising their commitment to environmental efforts and are the first in their region to have been given this award.

The award is a result of the ongoing involvement of the nursery in the Eco-Schools Programme. This initiative is designed with seven steps that nurseries and schools follow to help empower young people to make changes to protect the environment and understand the impact of climate change. Those involved in the programme can achieve the Green Flag Award as recognition and acknowledgement of the ecological achievements made by young people.

Ellis, Deputy Nursery Manager at Bright Horizons Didcot Day Nursery and Preschool said: “We have had great fun throughout this project and even though we have now achieved our Green Flag status, the children and our colleagues are still working hard to save the planet. Being awarded distinction by the Eco-Schools Programme is a great achievement and we are so proud of the children getting involved and growing their knowledge about the eco-cause. Incorporating lessons about the environment in our curriculum we hope will help to inspire the next generation.”

The nursery has been working hard to achieve the Eco-Schools Green Flag status. Some of the activities include for both the outdoors and indoors such as introducing having recycling bins, incorporating food waste bins and taking part in a regular litter pick in their community. They have been commended by the Eco-Schools Programme who said the nursery ‘planned practical and fun environmental learning opportunities for the children and helped them understand important issues’.

The nursery has highlighted other ways they have made an environmental effort such as, adopting a Giant Panda from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), installed a water butt in their garden and have grown their own vegetables and herbs.

Bright Horizons currently has 59 nurseries across England and Scotland that have joined the Eco-Schools programme. Providing children with the best start in life is at the core of everything the team at Bright Horizons do. For more details on our passion for sustainability within our nurseries please visit here.