Nursery In Windsor Receives the Green Flag Award for Their Eco-School

Colleagues and children at Bright Horizons Windsor Day Nursery and Preschool have recently received the Green Flag Award from the team at Eco-Schools for their commitment and work helping the environment as part of The Eco-Schools Programme and the wider sustainability strategy.

The Eco-Schools Programme is designed with seven steps that nurseries and schools follow to help empower young people to make changes to protect the environment and understand the impact of climate change. Those Involved in the programme can achieve the Green Flag Award as recognition and acknowledgment of the ecological achievements made by young people.

Bright Horizons currently has 59 nurseries across England and Scotland that have joined the programme.

The nursery set up an eco-committee involving both colleagues and the children where they discuss different ways they can get involved and implement various ways to help wildlife and encourage the young children to become passionate about eco-action. To win the eco-award, the nursery had to choose three topics to focus on, one of which included recycling water.

Nursery In Windsor Receives the Green Flag Award for Their Eco-School

This involved finding ways to preserve water, such as using a water bucket to collect rainwater and using it to water the plants in their garden. They also taught the young children about ocean, conservation, and the importance of why we need to keep our waterways clean.

In addition, some further activities the children have been involved in, that contributed to the nursery achieving the award, are placing the emphasis on recycling with the children reusing waste in the nursery, utilising it for their arts and crafts and repurposing pre-loved items they no longer need or use.

They’ve been supporting wildlife habitats through creating bug houses and the children have been planting wildflowers and trying to prevent fresh food waste by putting it in the compost if they aren’t able to use the food.

Tara, Nursery Manager at Windsor Day Nursery and Preschool said: “We feel really honoured to have achieved the Green Flag Award and are very proud of all the recent activities the children have taken part in. Maria, our deputy manager, has led the entire project which helped us achieve the award and we hope our other nursery practitioners will be inspired to lead similar projects to continue to raise awareness and make an impact on children’s learning.

“The children are really enjoying the Eco-Schools Programme and have learnt so much about the environment. We want to encourage the children at our setting to understand the importance of looking after our planet.”

Providing children with the best start in life is at the core of everything the team at Bright Horizons do. For more details on our passion for sustainability within our nurseries please visit here.