Manager from Cambridge Completes Four-Day Trek to Mount Kenya for Charity

Severica Turner, a Business Development Manager at back-up care and nursery provider Bright Horizons and from Cambridge, has completed her four-day trek climbing Mount Kenya and so far, raised £3,615 for the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

The challenge started on Sunday 21st January and was completed on Thursday 25th January where Severica climbed approximately 50,000 metres in total. Her journey began as part of a group trek, where on the Sunday morning she climbed from Chogoria village to Chogoria Park Gate.

The next three days consisted of Severica climbing to Road Head Camp site (3,300m), L.Michelson camp (3,800m), and base camp (4,200m).

She finally reached the summit of Mount Kenya, Pt. Lenana, on Thursday the 25th after which she took 4.2km walk down to Shipton camp and then a further 14km to Old Moses camp resulting in a day of an estimated 13 hours of hiking in total.

For Severica, training and fundraising for this difficult climb began in September 2023 when she walked 5km everyday that month. She has also organised a number of other fundraising initiatives, including completing a 5km inflatable course with her family members. Her efforts are all to continue fundraising for a charity close to her heart, The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

The Foundation helps to create Bright Spaces, which are safe, warm, and nurturing play areas, specially designed to bring joy and a sense of normality to children facing extremely difficult situations. They can be found in domestic abuse refuges, homeless shelters, prisons, and police stations throughout the UK.

Severica said: Standing on the summit of Mount Kenya, I felt a surge of emotions. Reaching this peak wasn't just about personal achievement; it was about the children facing unimaginable trauma. Each step, each push against my physical and mental limits, was fuelled by the vision of creating a safe haven – a Bright Space in Metropolitan Police Station interview suites. As a mother myself, I feel incredibly deeply for vulnerable children who are victims of trauma and are having to live through it. So, I wanted to be able to take on a new challenge to raise as much money as I could to be able to create Bright Spaces in the Metropolitan Police Station interview suites, so those children can feel comfortable, enabling them to give the best possible evidence. Now, back on solid ground, the journey isn't over; I hope my story inspires many to take on your own challenge, big or small, to support these vulnerable children.”

To donate to Severica’s climb, you can visit her JustGiving page.

In 2024 the Bright Horizons Foundation will open its 100th Bright Space in the UK to support vulnerable children. To celebrate this milestone, our Foundation is set to launch its 100 Your Way campaign, with a goal of raising £100,000. Whether people walk 100 miles, do 100 laps of an outdoor space, do 100 press ups, perform 100 acts of kindness, or sell 100 cakes, 100 Your Way is a year-long, 100-themed fundraiser, in which individuals, teams, workplaces and communities commit to fundraise towards this £100K target. Please visit our website for more details on the upcoming 100 Your Way campaign.