Worthing Nursery Held Art Exhibition at Guildbourne Shopping Centre

Recently at the Guildbourne Shopping Centre, a pop-up art exhibition took place by the children at Bright Horizons Worthing Day Nursery and Preschool as part of the Voices of Children International Project organised by the BrightStart Foundation in Geneva.

The project aims to enable young children from across the world to express their creativity through art, and to use their creativity to share their views on what is important to them through painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography.

ThisWorthing Nursery Held Art Exhibition at Guildbourne Shopping Centre amazing project, led by academics from Australia, England, Japan, USA, and Italy, inspired the staff and children at Worthing Nursery to produce a variety of artwork around the theme of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

The exhibition, named The Children’s Voices, was open to the public to come and view various artwork created by the children. The pop-up art exhibition at the Guildbourne Shopping Centre was a resounding success, attracting visitors of all ages. The colourful and imaginative artwork created by the children captivated the attention of passersby, who enjoyed seeing the creativity on display.

The children used different resources such as clay, pipe cleaners, watercolours, paint, crayons, lolly sticks, and masking tape and were guided by their nursery practitioners in making their art pieces.

Sara, Nursery Manager at Bright Horizons Worthing Day Nursery and Preschool said: “It was special and exciting to have been able to showcase the children’s poignant artwork to the public. The children were inspired by different artists and were encouraged to explore and discuss topics such as Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

“We are incredibly proud of our children for participating in the Voices of Children International Project. This not only allows them to explore their artistic abilities but also encourages them to express their thoughts and feelings about the world around them.”

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