Efficient Pathway Required To Retain New Working Parents

Efficient pathway required to retain new working parents

Date: 15 Nov 2018

The present day sees a record number of mothers and fathers seeking ways to combine work with their family lives, with an efficient pathway required to help them do so.

Bright Horizons has joined with Talking Talent to identify 10 proactive steps in order to help employers in the retention of new working parents. These include:

  1. Plan Ahead (transition for parental leave months in advance)
  2. Ask the Right Questions (what do parents want their leave to look like in terms of staying connected)
  3. Ask the Right Post-Leave Questions
  4. Train your Managers
  5. Recruit your Leadership
  6. Avoid the impression of Leave as a “career limiting move”
  7. Pave the road out (designation, including temporary outsourcing roles if necessary)
  8. Pave the road back
  9. Be flexible
  10. 10.  Illustrate tangible support

“We’re seeing an increasing investment and focus on managing this break,” a spokesperson for Talking Talent says. “The payoff is you’re going to see reduced attrition. You’re also going to have a leg up on attracting talent because your company will be a place people want to work.”

This and other details of research are presented in the eBook ‘The Business Case for Back-Up Care’. For more information, please visit solutions.brighthorizons.co.uk