New Bright Spaces Open At The Northern Health Centre

New Bright Spaces open at The Northern Health Centre

Date: 07 Jun 2018

The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children has officially opened three new Bright Spaces at the Northern Health Centre in Islington.

The Foundation’s latest project has resulted in the renovation of three waiting rooms at the Northern Health Centre. The Health Centre provides a wide range of children’s services from mental health support to hearing and speech therapy, with the waiting areas linked to various clinics on each floor.

Each waiting area has been equipped with a variety of new resources including toys for all ages which allow the children to relax and play whilst waiting to enter their respective clinic.

“It’s just brilliant to receive so many amazing new resources for our children, young people and their families,” said Gail Doran, Operational Lead (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) at Whittington Health NHS Trust. “Our waiting area was in desperate need of a refresh and to have the team from Bright Horizons come in and do this for us was lovely. The light up cubes have been a particular success and can often be found in a little colourful tower in different parts of the waiting area.”