Edinburgh Nursery Children Embrace Planting Exercise

Edinburgh nursery children embrace planting exercise

Date: 25 Apr 2018

Children at Bright Horizons Elsie Inglis Early Learning and Childcare nursery in Edinburgh recently took part in a planting exercise which saw them discuss their understanding of what a seed needed to grow.

The children then moved to plant their own seeds during the exercise which was part of Bright Horizons’ Green Gardeners enhancement, which aims to provide children with opportunities to interact with the natural world around them.

“There was lots of enthusiasm and knowledge shared throughout the activity from all the children promoting positive language as they answered a variety of open ended questions,” said Deputy Nursery Manager Kate Hubbert. “We have linked this activity into our play and learning at home initiative as the children now have the responsibility of taking care of their seed at home and completing a tally chart to track its growth sharing it with us all at nursery along the way.”