Talbot Woods Children Interact With Lambs At Local Farm

Talbot Woods children interact with lambs at local farm

Date: 16 Jun 2017

Children at Bright Horizons Talbot Woods Day Nursery and Preschool in Poole recently visited a local farm where they interacted with four lambs aged between three and 12 weeks.

The children estimated the age of the lambs and discussed their life cycle, while the farmer explained how often lambs drink, how they are looked after and what both lambs and sheep produce for us. The children were also given the chance to feed the lambs and given further insight into the role of a farmer.

“After an ongoing spring interest, we recently linked with one of our families who have their own farm to organise a visit to the setting,” said Nursery Manager Jane Gordon. “Staff, children and Candy Floss worked together before, during and after the visit to keep each other safe. We reminded each other to wash our hands thoroughly, to change into wellies and to remember to give the lambs space.”