Basingstoke Children Watch As Ducks Hatch From Eggs

Basingstoke children watch as ducks hatch from eggs

Date: 03 Apr 2017

Children at Bright Horizons Teddies Basingstoke recently observed ducks hatch out of their eggs after they had been delivered to the nursery.  

The children watched as six ducks emerged from their eggs who were subsequently named Nikki, Candice, Louisa, Ella, Mickey and Shapes. The ducks will now begin their new lives on a nearby farm.

“Each duck had its own personality and we were able to tell them apart,” said Nikki Paine, nursery manager. “For example, Nikki was the cheeky one who liked to jump out of the pen and boss the other ducks around and Shapes was the quieter one who loved swimming. Everyone in the nursery enjoyed handling the ducks and were very sad when they said their farewells.”