Teddies Brentford Celebrate 100th Birthday Of The Cub Scouts

Teddies Brentford celebrate 100th birthday of the Cub Scouts

Date: 03 Jan 2017

Children and staff at Bright Horizons Teddies Brentford Nursery and Preschool have celebrated the 100th birthday of the Cub Scouts.

With scout leaders each being named after The Jungle Book, the children were treated to the story as staff member read from the book. The children then helped to set out tables linking the nursery morals to similar ones from the scouts, as Bright Horizons health and safety mascot Candy Floss watched on.

“We were excited to celebrate this memorable birthday of the Cub Scouts,” said Nursery Manager Claire Muttit. “Their motto of always helping each other to do better is one that can inspire us further.”