Crewe Children Take Part In Colours Mixing Experiment

Crewe children take part in colours mixing experiment

Date: 27 Oct 2016

Children at Bright Horizons Crewe Day Nursery and Preschool have taken part in a science experiments inspired by rainbows and the changes in weather.

After noticing how the weather changes and when rainbows are formed, the children carried out an experiment involving Skittles sweets. They placed the sweets on a rectangular plate which they then sprayed with warm water. The children watched as the colours began to come off the sweets, creating a watery rainbow on the plate. Colour Mixing at Crewe Nursery and Preschool

“The children then took the opportunity to discuss the changes which had occurred to the Skittles, the colour melting and causing the different colours to combine,” said Nursery Manager Claire Chadwick.

The experiment was part of the Bright Horizons Growing Scientists programme, which encourages children to identify scientific activities in everyday life.