North Cheam Show Creativity In Snap Painting Exercise

North Cheam show creativity in snap painting exercise

Date: 05 Aug 2016

Children at Bright Horizons North Cheam Day Nursery in Sutton have practicing their writing and arts skills, in an activity which combines the needs for both.

The children took part in a snap painting exercise, as part of the Growing Writers and Growing Artists programmes, which involved stretching an elastic band over a plastic tray. The staff then instructed the children to paint the elastic band and then snap it, to send the paint down onto the paper below, using the muscles required to write.

 “All the children had an enjoyable time with the snap painting exercise,” said Nursery Manager Sarah Burge. “They were able to show great creativity in forming the patterns on the paper beneath the elastic bands.”

The Growing Writers programme supports the children’s magical journey to become confident writers, while the Growing Artists programme encourages the children to be creative in art.