Leeds Nursery Receives Thank You Letter From The Queen

Leeds Nursery receives thank you letter from The Queen

Date: 09 Aug 2016

Children at Bright Horizons Leeds Day Nursery and Preschool were thrilled to receive correspondence in return from The Queen, after sending Her Majesty a birthday card.

To celebrate The Queen’s 90th birthday, the children discussed what The Queen does, who her family are and what she might like to do in her spare time. They looked at The Queen’s family tree and also discussed their own families and why they are special to them.

The children then wrote their own birthday card to The Queen and, in her official response from Buckingham Palace, Her Majesty thanked the children for taking the time to write to her.

“The children got a lovely surprise when they received a letter of thanks from The Queen herself,” said Nursery Fiona Stewart. “The Queen was particularly impressed with the children’s drawings of her family members.”

The letter writing exercise was part of Bright Horizons Growing Writers programme, which looks to support children’s magical journey to becoming confident writers.