Preschool Children Form Alphabet Letters At Wishing Willow

Preschool children form alphabet letters at Wishing Willow

Date: 04 Jul 2016

Preschool children at Bright Horizons Wishing Willow Day Nursery and Preschool in Banstead have been getting ready for school by learning about the alphabet in a practical fashion.

As part of the company’s Growing Writers and Growing Readers programmes, the children have been forming letters by using pipe cleaners to create the correct shapes.

The exercise encourages children to use their critical thinking skills in order to mould the pipe cleaners into letters. 

The nursery said the children found it easier to memorise the formation of letters using different instruments other than a pencil.

“Using pipe cleaners to form the letters gave the children the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the alphabet and shape of the letters,” said Nursery Manager Rageena Abbas. “Our Growing programmes continue to go from strength to strength.”

Bright Horizons’ Growing Writers programme aims to support nursery children to become a creative writer while the Growing Readers programme emphasises the importance of reading aloud and aims to develop a love of books.