Crawley children advance maths skills

Date: 22 Jul 2016

Children at Bright Horizons Teddies Crawley Nursery and Preschool have been advancing their maths skills by taking part in the company’s Growing Mathematicians programme.

The children were asked to count how many black spots were on the back of a domino ladybird and then place it on top of the number it matched up with.

They also worked together to improve their one-to-one correspondence, with one child identifying the blocks with the numbers on and the other counting the spots on the dominoes.

“The children were very pleased to practise their maths skills with the ladybird dominoes and worked well together to identify which numbers they match up with,” said Sarah Green, nursery manager. “Maths is an important part of everyday life and we establish this in our education programme.”

Bright Horizons’ Growing Mathematicians programme aims to help the child understand the importance of mathematics in everyday life.