Community Partnership Sees Livingston Children Brighten The Local Community

Community partnership sees Livingston children brighten the local community

Date: 19 Jul 2016

Children at Bright Horizons Livingston Nursery and Preschool have introduced planters along a nearby street, as a result of a community partnership with a local environmental group.

The nursery has developed a partnership with Murieston Environmental Group (MEG), with the planters being placed on Robyn’s Lane behind the building.

The planters will now be admired by the children, families and surrounding community during walks.

The activity was part of the company’s Green Gardeners programme which aims to initiate and enhance the children’s natural instincts and also help them understand the world around them.

“The children really enjoyed planting them with lots of fragrant, bright flowers to encourage wildlife like butterflies and bees,” said Karen Bell, nursery manager. “The children visit the planters on a regular basis to water them and look after them.”

MEG’s primary goal is to improve the benefits of outdoor spaces for the local community.