Ely children mark make in the rain

Date: 27 Jun 2016

Bright Horizons Ely Day Nursery and Preschool have used the British weather to great effect by mark making in the rain, with the activity part of the company’s Growing Writers and Growing Scientists programmes.

The activity involved the children sprinkling powder paint on the floor and they then watched to see the effect the rain would have on the paint.

As a result, they formed a variety of pictures, marks and designs on the floor.

The activity also enhanced the children’s knowledge of colours and enhanced their ability to mark make in the rain.

“We enjoy watching and helping the children develop their artistic skills and mark making in the rain was a good way to encourage this,” Nursery Manager Jess Knowles said. “The children were able to use their initiative to create a wide range of images.”

Bright Horizons’ Growing Writers programme aims to support nursery children to become a creative writer while the Growing Scientists programme helps parents to identify science activities involved in events of their child’s everyday life.