A New Art Exhibition At The Little Gatehouse Gallery In Cramond Puts Children’s Inspirational Paintings On Display.

A new art exhibition at the Little Gatehouse Gallery in Cramond puts children’s inspirational paintings on display.

Date: 24 Feb 2016

Bright Horizons Cramond Early Learning and Childcare Centre on Whitehouse Road have partnered with local art gallery, Little Gatehouse, to exhibit their very own show titled ‘Really New Faces’, as part of their Scottish heritage project.

The children have been learning about Scotland and various Scottish artists and how art inspires people in many different ways, following these discussions the children and were then asked to use an array of colourful paints and their inspired imaginations to spawn beautiful creations of their own.  With the paintings complete, staff at the nursery looked into ways to showcase the mini-masterpieces and approached the art gallery.

Centre Manger, Pauline Cant, explains: “The quality of the paintings the children created were absolutely fantastic, and we wanted to share them with our local community, so we were delighted when the Little Gatehouse Gallery agreed to the exhibition.  The children selected three of their favourite canvases from each room to be hung in the gallery and were absolutely chuffed to bits to see their own artwork on display.”

Little Gatehouse Gallery described the children’s creations as “Art can't be fresher than this”. The canvases will be display until end of next week and everybody is welcome to visit the gallery to see them.

The rest of the artwork has been hung throughout the Centre for parents, and those who will be attending the centre’s Open Week between 7th – 11th March.