Sale’s small architects build bridges

Date: 15 Jan 2016

Fun was had by all at kidsunlimited Sale Day Nursery on Marsland Road as the children turned in to mini architects to build a selection of structures including bridges, as part of their recent lessons on construction.

The activity required the children to decide whether a block goes over or under another block, and whether it is aligned and stable.  The activity was created to ensure the children learn while having fun, with the activity looking to develop a selection of key skills such as motor skills and hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, creative skills, divergent thinking in addition to social and language skills during while the children work as a team. 

“We talked about the bridges and the children commented how they could drive a car over the top of one and sail a boat underneath,” explains the Nursery Manager, Jenni McDougall. “The Preschool children looked at four different types of bridges, they made predictions as to which bridge was the strongest and which would remain strong with a jewel balanced on top. The children then built the bridges, put their predictions to the test, and discuss the results.

“Activities like this are essential for children’s development, as they help to build their confidence as they learn to explore, to think about problems, and relate to others.”