Fancy a new haircut

Date: 14 Jan 2016

Talented young hairdressers from Bright Horizons Nursery on the Green on Frimley Green set up their own salon and took it in turns to style each other’s hair. 


To create a convincing look for their hairdressing salon the children created their own props for the role play using old cardboard boxes and tubes, tissue paper and paint. They also involved their parents by asking them to save any old shampoo bottles. Once it was all completed the children had lots of fun role playing going to the Hairdressers and using their fingers for pretend scissors.


Afterwards the children discussed what their hair looks like and painted their own portraits using a variety of different coloured paints and materials.


Lynsey Gardner, the Nursery Manager explained: “Role play is important for the children to learn to understand about the world around them. It helps the children to develop their knowledge of a topic and their imagination. Here at Bright Horizons we enjoy creating environments where children can learn through imagination, creativity and play.”