Spring Activities And Craft Ideas

Spring Activities and Craft Ideas

Date: 21 Feb 2018

With the first day of spring swiftly approaching, it’s almost time to say farewell to winter and those dreaded dark nights. Gardens begin to bloom, the weather gets warmer and, more importantly, there are plenty more fun activities for you to enjoy with your child.

Here are some of our favourite activity and craft ideas for you to try out this spring:

  • Flower pot painting – the brighter the better (these also make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day)
  • Plant plenty of spring flowers – daffodils, tulips, peonies. (Top Tip - keep plant observation journals and record the growth of the plants that you grow!)
  • Make your own paper flower garden
  • Create papier-mâché Easter eggs
  • Go on an Easter egg hunt
  • Make Easter bunny hats with coloured paper
  • Using the bottom of a bottle or a cardboard tube, dip into paint and then make vibrant flower prints

Alternatively, why not try out some of our outdoor play and learning at home activities:

Top Tips –

  • Encourage your child to think about the changes in nature for each season – focus on the leaves on the trees, the times of year certain flowers or fruit grow and weather/daylight changes.
  • Engage your child in conversations about what spring brings in particular e.g. flowers, lighter evenings, and warmer weather.