10 Fundraising Activities for Preschoolers

We share ten easy-to-achieve ways for little ones to take part in fundraising.

Calls to fundraise for charities run throughout the year from national events like Red Nose Day and BBC Children in Need to local campaigns and personal causes. If you and your little ones are wanting to raise money for a charity, we’ve put together 10 FUN-draising activities that the whole family can get involved in.

Challenge yourself, your friends or your nursery/school to a certain number of reading sessions and get sponsored for charity. Find out more about running a read-a-thon.

Sponsored Silence
This is a great idea for chatterboxes! Ask for sponsors to be silent for an hour (or more if you can!)

Scavenger Hunt
Make up a scavenger hunt, print the sheets out and sell them to your friends and family. Make it fun and educational for little ones, for example include specific things like ‘your favourite bath toy’ or ‘a pink sock’ as well as more general categories like ‘something that begins with the letter T’. Use this free Scavenger Hunt Printable template to add your ideas.

Guess the Name
There are endless ideas for this fundraising idea. Why not ask your friends and family to donate to guess the name of the teddy, or get everyone’s baby photos together and get guessing who they are.

Mini Olympics or Obstacle Course
Host a mini Olympics or set up your own obstacle course in your garden or local park to raise money. Invite friends and family to take part for a small donation. You could have non-contact games like skipping, hula-hooping and balance competitions, timing each person and giving a small prize to the winner.

Dress Up Day
Help to organise a fancy dress day at nursery or school to raise money for your chosen cause. Maybe think of a theme or just go for silly outfits or a colour day, where everyone has to wear something orange, for example.

Sweet Jar
Buy some sweets, put them in a jar and ask for donations to guess how many are in there. Either send a photo to friends and family for them to guess or ask to put the jar at the reception of your nursery or school. The winner gets the whole jar of sweets!

Host a game of Bingo for friends and family, charging a small donation to take part. Get creative and create the bingo sheets yourself - you could theme them and use pictures rather than numbers, for example animals, Disney characters or pictures of toys. This can also be done virtually – simply photograph your sheets, email them out and arrange a virtual Bingo party!

Have a disco party at home, school/nursery or even virtually. Ask for donations and give small prizes for the best moves! Maybe include a few games like musical statues, or musical bumps.

Egg and Spoon Challenge
Easter or not, who doesn’t love an egg and spoon challenge? Invite some friends over or meet at the park and ask for donations to take part. Whoever can go the furthest or get to the finish line first without dropping their egg wins a small prize!

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