The Bright Horizons Parent Panel

Thank you for your interest in the Bright Horizons Parent Panel! The application window has now closed but if you’d like to be considered for future opportunities, you can still get in touch, and we’ll reach out when we are next recruiting some more parents.

Parenting’s an amazing, wonderful journey, but it can be a bumpy ride. Even when armed with all the books, equipment & advice, we all have up days, down days and you-couldn’t-make-it-up days. Sharing and learning from the wins, mishaps and experiences can make us all feel so much better. So we’re building our new Parent Panel to do just this. We want to create an opportunity for members to share their stories, their ideas and feedback.

By giving a voice to Bright Horizons’ parents we can shape our nurseries and make sure we support our families to give the little ones the best start in life. Because what matters to your family, matters to ours. 

Who should apply? If you’re a current Bright Horizons nursery parent who is:

  • eager to share your experiences and stories on social media channels
  • happy to give feedback on concepts and ideas
  • planning to have your child/children at a Bright Horizons nursery for at least the next 6 months 
  • keen to come forward with ideas for future services

Then you are who we are looking for!

Download an application form and email it over to the team on:  

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Download application form