Bright Horizons - Inspection Outcomes

Author: Caroline Wright, Director of Early Care, Bright Horizons UK

Caroline Wright, Director of Early Childhood and Leads - Bright Horizons UK

Like most early years providers out there, at Bright Horizons we work hard to make sure everyone in our nursery teams is familiar with the Education Inspection Framework (EIF) in England, and more recently we’ve been focusing on the changes set out in the Early Years Inspection Handbook, which has specific guidance that relates to how inspections will be carried out in registered early years settings.

This in itself is a mammoth task, as the DfE and Ofsted, regularly update their inspection practices and it’s our job to make sure that we’re clear about what to expect when the inspector arrives at the door. More importantly, we use the handbook and guidance to make sure that we have a wide range of appropriate evidence in place to demonstrate what a great job we do in our nurseries each and every day, to support children and their families.

In line with the EIF, inspectors in England will make the following judgements:

  • overall effectiveness
  • the quality of education
  • behaviour and attitudes
  • personal development
  • leadership and management

Using a wide range of research from various sources, Ofsted have reached a consensus across all of the types of provision it inspects, including Early Years, to set out the criteria for the four inspection judgements:

  • Inadequate
  • Requires Improvement
  • Good
  • Outstanding

We are particularly proud that the vast majority of our nurseries have achieved either an ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’ judgement at inspection. We have received some fabulous feedback at inspection regarding our Bright Beginnings curriculum. We’ve been told anecdotally that the curriculum ‘is vibrant’ and ‘exciting’ and reports cite the curriculum as, “highly effective and ambitious.” Some of the feedback we’ve seen in reports is absolutely amazing and we’re so proud of our nursery managers and teams:

Bright Horizons Frimley Green Day Nursery and Preschool: Outstanding Ofsted rating

The manager and her team place the utmost importance on understanding and supporting the needs of children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

Parents comment on how the nursery staff go 'above and beyond' expectations and feel staff truly care about their children to the highest level

Children make exceptional levels of progress and truly flourish in this inspirational nursery. Their well-being is of the highest priority.

The manager is highly dedicated and is an inspirational and skilled leader. She works with the leadership team to reflect and evaluate in order to continuously make improvements.

Bright Horizons Lancaster Day Nursery and Preschool: Outstanding Ofsted rating

Staff fully understand the expectations of them. They have regular supervisions and appraisals with targets set, to build on their already outstanding practice. Staff well-being is paramount throughout the company who aim to provide a healthy work-life balance for all staff.

Bright Horizons Winchester Day Nursery and Pre-School: Outstanding Ofsted rating

The children's behaviour is exceptional. They show high levels of respect and care for each other as they share and take turns.

They establish a highly effective and ambitious curriculum which is informed by their meticulous observations and assessments. Staff thoughtfully plan experiences that stimulate children's natural inquisitiveness and spark curiosity and imagination.

Bright Horizons first direct Stourton Day Nursery and Preschool: Outstanding Ofsted rating

Children make excellent progress at this setting. Highly skilled staff have an exceptional understanding of what children know and what they need to know next.

Teaching of mathematics is outstanding across the nursery. Talented staff use all available opportunities to help children explore mathematical concepts.

What matters most, is to fill each day with the simple joys of childhood, and that’s made possible by our family of dedicated, passionate professionals. Warm, welcoming people, collectively charged with the care of 12,000 children every day. Real people with HEART who believe in Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, and most of all building that bond of Teamwork with every child and every parent. For our experienced and valued team, we offer extensive training to help them grow, thrive and build a career for life.

For more than 30 years, our dedicated Early Years practitioners have been delivering truly unique learning experiences, helping each child reach their full potential. If you’re interested in joining our team, then please email for details.