Top Tips On How To Approach Exercise For Busy Parents

Top tips on how to approach exercise for busy parents

Date: 30 Jan 2017

New Year – New You, I’m sure you must have heard or seen this phrase in the last couple weeks but where to begin? Are you still munching your way through left over chocolate and biscuits and wondering how you are supposed to find time to work out when you can’t even go to the bathroom undisturbed?

Having little people in our lives makes it even more difficult to stick to our new year’s exercise resolution – here are some ideas on how to stick to your routine for 2017:

Get in early - Work out before the day gets away from you, get up 30 minutes early and fit it in before the normal day kicks in or your normal commitments start. Even 30 minutes can make all the difference and counts towards the bigger goal!

  1. Block it out - Schedule your exercise in your calendar as part of your day and make it non-negotiable. Treat it like a meeting and don’t forfeit it.
  2. Have a plan - Knowing what you want to achieve from an exercise session keeps you focused – this might be a certain length of time, a particular class or just a distance on a machine.
  3. No one is looking at your outfit - Don’t even spend a single moment worrying about what you might be wearing; is it matching or does my bum look big in this? Everyone in the gym in January is feeling a little self-conscious and they really are not worried about what your baggy t-shirt looks like!
  4. Take a run at it! - Take some time at lunchtime to throw on your trainers and power walk round your local green space, up the stairs in your building or along the river.
  5. Include your children - Sit ups whilst playing high fives, getting  your child to count your steps on the stairs with you, singing whilst you run with a buggy are all ways you can include your child in your activities.
  6. Make the park your playground too! - We’ve all seen the new basic gym equipment popping up in our local green spaces – use it! You can even use playground basics to fit in a quick strength exercise such as tricep dips off a park bench or step ups onto the bench! Yes, granted, you may get a few strange looks, but secretly they’ll be jealous they didn’t think of it first!
  7. Be a Workout Ninja - Stealth workouts become a must when your schedule is overflowing. Grab time whenever you can knowing that every bit counts towards a bigger goal (or smaller waistline)!
  8. Make everyday activities count - If you drive to the supermarket, park right at the back of the car park rather than waiting for a space at the front. Walk up the stairs at work rather than grabbing the lift everyday. Walk up every moving escalator you get on on the tube rather than standing idly. Get off two stops early and walk the last bit to work rather than getting off at the nearest stop.
  9. Don’t beat yourself up! - Remember exercise is important  but most importantly it is meant to be fun so don’t give yourself a hard time and fit it in when you can!

Good luck!