Working From Home With A Sick Child

Working from Home with a Sick Child

Date: 20 Nov 2015

Having to look after a sick child is something that all parents have to do. It becomes an even harder task when you’re trying to work from home. Productivity is bound to decrease, with your set plans for the day going out the window. Below are a few different ways to ease the discomfort that your child is in, whilst also being productive with your work routine.

Ask someone for help:

We all know how difficult looking after a sick child can be and of course it becomes even more difficult when you cannot solely focus on your child, so why not ask for help? This could be from your friends, family members or even someone as close to the situation as your significant other. Teamwork makes the dream work and by asking for help, it means that you can spread out your time without having to worry that your child isn’t being looked after.

Communication is key:

It may seem like an obvious suggestion but communicating with your employer, colleagues or employees about your current situation is vital. Work out how you think you can work from home and then let them know. The sooner you do this the better as other arrangements can be made. Adding an auto-response to your email is also a good idea. This will inform anyone who’s trying to get in contact with you that there may be a slight delay in your response.

Prioritise your tasks:

Your time will be limited so prioritising your tasks is vital. Jot down the tasks that are the most important and/or require immediate attention, then work out what on your task list can be put on hold till a later date. It’s impossible to diagnose how long your child will be sick for, so make sure that you plan out an entire week just in case.