Do You Know That You Can Access 30 Hours Free Childcare On Canary Wharf?

Do you know that you can access 30 hours free childcare on Canary Wharf?

Date: 15 Aug 2017

Moving from nursery to school can be a big step for little feet, with lots of new and exciting opportunities and experiences.

Preschool can play a very important role in supporting your child as they take this step, helping to develop a lifelong love for learning and forming the building blocks for their future life and successes.

At Bright Horizons, we’re delighted to be offering the government’s 30 hours free childcare for eligible families of preschool children at all Bright Horizons nurseries and preschools located on Canary Wharf – including Bright Horizons Columbus Courtyard, Bank Street, Canada Square, Heron Quays and East India Dock Preschool.

30 Hours Funding

About 30 Hours Free Childcare

All three- and four-year-olds in England currently receive 15 hours government funded early education a week for 38 weeks of the year (term-time). From 1 September 2017, some children will be eligible to receive an additional 15 hours, bringing the total number of hours to 30 – or 1,140 hours per year!

To be eligible for the additional 15 hours, parents must be living and working in England and each earning at least £120 a week (on average) and no more than £100,000 a year.

At Bright Horizons, we recognise that many working parents work part-time and also require childcare throughout the year and so we stretch the funding across 50 weeks, enabling families to access the maximum level of funding available all year round.

30 Hours Funding

About Bright Horizons on Canary Wharf

Bright Horizons is delighted to provide high-quality childcare and early education to families and employees on Canary Wharf. Located in the heart of London, our extensive network is well positioned to provide families with access to dependable care which is only moments away from the workplace – giving peace of mind to parents to focus on the day ahead knowing that their little ones are happily playing and learning in an exciting environment close by.

Our nurseries and preschools are open Monday to Friday from early morning until late evening, offering both full day and half day care to support different working patterns. We’re easily accessible via vast transport connections, including pedestrian and cycle routes, London Underground, car and bus!

30 Hours Funding

About Bright Horizons Ready for School Preschool Programme

Bright Horizons Ready for School preschool programme has been carefully designed to support your child as they prepare for school. Building upon the experiences, interests and friendships they have already gained, our highly-qualified preschool teams encourage children’s independence and confidence. Our bespoke Growing Enhancements, including Growing Readers, Writers, Mathematicians, Scientists and Artists, support children to think independently, learn about their responsibilities, solve problems, work with others, communicate, and gain an increasing understanding of the world and how it works – all within a familiar, safe and comfortable environment.

For all of us at Bright Horizons, our ultimate measure of success is to know that children leave our nurseries and preschools feeling happy and confident, with a love of learning and ready to embrace the next step of their learning journey as they transition to school.

To find out more about 30 hours free childcare and how to apply for your extra funded hours, please click here!