Kids Get Crafty: Advent Calendar Making

Kids get crafty: advent calendar making

Date: 24 Nov 2015

Advent calendars are one of the most exciting parts of Christmas - kids love the surprise element of knowing what’s behind the door, and we enjoy seeing their happy little faces when they find out what’s inside.

This year, why not try a different type of advent calendar and make one for activities throughout December? Each day will reveal an activity for you and your child to do that day. They’re all really easy to make and it’s guaranteed to get the whole family excited for Christmas.

The activities you include are entirely up to you. You might have Christmas traditions within the family or maybe you want to try something new. We’ve listed a few ideas below that you might want to include.

-          Baking and decorating Christmas cookies

-          Decorating the tree (this could be the first activity in December)

-          A visit to a family member

-          Making Christmas cards

-          Watching a Christmas film


What you’ll need:

-          25 envelopes (white or coloured – green and red look Christmassy). You can also use little sacks too.

-          25 pieces of card (again, any colour you like)

-          Blu Tack, sticky tape, string or ribbon

-          Metallic pens

-          Decorations such as glitter or sequins

Types of advent calendar:

On the door

You can stick your envelopes on a door in the house - it could be in the kitchen, the living room or on the door of your child’s bedroom. It could soon become a Christmas tradition to have the Christmas advent calendar door in your home each year.

Envelopes on a coat hanger

Add a little tinsel around the coat hanger to decorate it, use a hole-puncher to create a hole in the top corner of the envelope for the ribbon to pass through and then use it to tie the envelope to the hanger. The envelopes will dangle nicely and your child can easily pull them off each day.

Envelope bunting

This will make a great Christmas decoration as you can make it as festive as you like. Pin a piece of string or ribbon across your wall and use pegs to clip the envelopes to it. You can even add baubles, tinsel and other Christmas decorations to it if you want to make it really Christmassy.

Advent calendar baubles

Kids will love searching the tree for baubles to open. You can get clear plastic baubles which you can fill with bits of paper with the activity of the day written on it - eBay and Amazon sell them. Use glitter pens to write the numbers on them and fill or decorate them with glitter, sequins or spray paint to make them look prettier on the tree.

It’s up to you whether you want to place the envelopes in order, or you want to mix them up so your children learn to recognise the numbers. Your kids will love decorating and creating the advent calendars themselves, but you can also surprise them on the 1st December by doing it yourself.

Have you made any advent calendars with your children? Share your ideas with other parents on our social media pages.