A toddler looks at a picture book with a nursery workerLearning through play is what toddlers do best. Our rooms are set up to support their inquisitive nature, with environments and activities that engage their interest in learning. Your child will enjoy fun activities that will inspire them to make discoveries about how things work and understand more about the world around them.

Our experienced and caring staff guide your child through each step of their growing development. This includes support to reach physical development milestones, such as potty training, fine and gross motor skills, gaining independence and making friendships. You can also ask our knowledgeable staff for advice on feeding, potty training at home, and our Play and Learning at Home activities.

To fuel your little one’s day, we serve up a delicious range of tastes, textures and flavours, with nutritionally balanced food that is freshly prepared every day. We cater for a variety of dietary requirements and allergies. When children want to stretch their legs, they can go outdoors. Most nurseries feature activity-packed outdoor spaces for toddlers to discover nature, strengthen their muscles and improve their balance.

Safety is our number one priority. All our practitioners are First Aid trained and all nurseries have specialist SEND staff for children who require additional support due to special educational needs.

With so much to learn every day, tracking that progress is as important to us as it is to you. Every child has a Learning Journey that is kept up-to-date with their achievements, new skills and lessons. This allows you to look back on how far your toddler has come, and helps us to plan new opportunities for learning.

We are excited to be part of your toddler’s journey and look forward to meeting you both soon.

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