Our Curriculum

Inspiring a life-long love of learning

Your child will develop a life-long love of learning with our bespoke curriculum. Our early years experts work with your child through fun and play to discover their individual interests and passions, helping them to prepare for the future, right from the very start.

Our curriculum includes a range of specially designed components, from Bright Beginnings, to Growing Enhancements and our Ready for School programme to ensure each child is inspired and supported to bring out the very best in each of them.

Bright Beginnings at Bright Horizons

Giving every child a Bright Beginning

Designed by our Early Years specialists, your little one will get the very best start through our enriching and wellbeing focused Bright Beginnings Curriculum.

Building on the foundations of the government’s EYFS curriculum, it combines a wide range of activities to nurture and develop the skills your child needs to flourish and reach their full potential.

This holistic yet personal approach supports each child’s development and progress – whether that’s building academic skills, the confidence to move rooms, personal resilience or preparing them for school.

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Growing Enhancements and Ready For School Programme at Bright Horizons

Growing Enhancement and Ready for School Programme

Our unique Growing Enhancement activities and Ready for School Programme focus on the core areas of Growing Readers, Growing Writers and Growing Mathematicians and are aligned to national curriculums.

Each activity has been designed to help provide your little one with fun, meaningful and purposeful activities alongside life experiences, preparing them mentally and practically for school and beyond.

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Supporting Your Childs Wellbeing at Bright Horizons

Supporting Your Child's Wellbeing

Supporting your child's wellbeing is of the utmost importance. We work together with our families, parents and carers to help little ones navigate the pressures of growing up in today's world.

Our enhanced focus on early years' wellbeing supports your child to feel happy, comfortable and safe in their surroundings.

This has a huge impact on their ability to learn new skills, interact and communicate with others.

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Bookie Mites at Bright Horizons

Boogie Mites

Your child will enjoy sessions with Boogie Mites, who provide exciting opportunities to learn through music, song and rhymes.

Using deliberate patterning, rhythms and sounds, these sessions, are engaging and educational and can have enormous benefits on early years learning.

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Bright Horizons Curriculum in Scotland and Wales

Curriculum in Scotland

Our nurseries in Scotland follow the national guidance, while also using and building on the core principles of our Bright Beginnings, Growing Enhancements and Getting Ready for School programme.

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