Boogie Mites introduces your child to the exciting world of active music making. These sessions, both engaging and educational, can have enormous benefits on early years learning.

Rhythm, sounds, movement and more help improve literacy and mathematical abilities, as well as motor skills and cognitive function. Entertaining, catchy songs make learning thoroughly enjoyable and the sessions can be adapted for any age.

Boogie Mites at Bright Horizons

What is active music making?

Simply listening to music has numerous proven benefits. Being ‘active’ enhances these benefits by placing the child in the driving seat.

Nursery staff will lead sessions in singing and movement set to Boogie Mites songs, using homemade instruments and props. A toddler singing and playing the drum in time to a complex melody is training themselves in rhythm, harmony and patterning, all without thinking about it.

Boogie Mites - What is active music making?

Words and Numbers

Boogie Mites songs and rhymes use deliberate patterning, rhythms and sounds.

Toddlers increase their awareness of sounds from listening and singing along, which forms the basis of language and teaches them new words.

Preschoolers will notice alliteration, rhymes and counting sequences. This contributes to an ongoing, gentle exposure to the structured learning they will encounter at school.

Boogie Mites - Words and Numbers

Creative Art and Design

The children supporting recycling activities often make instruments and props. An empty formula tin makes the perfect drum, while a drinking bottle filled with lentils becomes a shaker.

Children are encouraged to make and decorate their own instruments, instilling pride in their musical journey.

Boogie Mites - Creative Art and Design

Why Nursery

It is well known that the early years are a crucial time for learning. Our minds are relishing in every new experience, taking in all they can. With the wealth of skills that are developed and enriched by active music making, it makes sense to introduce children as early as possible.

Boogie Mites sessions cover all areas of the early years framework and provide you with another way of being involved in your child’s learning.

Keep an eye out for Boogie Mites sessions at your nursery!

Boogie Mites - Why Nursery