Growing Enhancements and Ready For School Programme

Our unique Growing Enhancement activities and Ready for School Programme form integral components of our Bright Beginnings Curriculum.

Growing Enhancements and Ready For School Programme

They have been designed to help provide your little one with fun, meaningful and purposeful activities alongside life experiences, preparing them mentally and practically for school and beyond.
Learning Through Play - Bright Horizons

Learning Through Play

Children learn best through their play, which is why we’ll ensure your child always has activities available to engage and excite them – whatever their age and stage.

Our Growing Enhancements cover the core areas of Growing Readers, Growing Writers and Growing Mathematicians and are aligned to national curriculums.

Your child’s natural interest and curiosity is used by our staff as a springboard to skilfully make learning fun and guide their activities. We use actions, experiences and open-ended questions to stretch and challenge them in areas such as problem solving, memory and information processing.

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Ready For School Programme - Bright Horizons

Ready For School Programme

As they grow older, we introduce your child to age-appropriate maths, reading, writing and art.

Our staff recognise each child’s emerging needs and interests and also focus on growing the life skills, knowledge and confidence they’ll need to be prepared for school and beyond.

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Bright Beginnings at Bright Horizons

A Bright Beginning For Every Child

Designed by our Early Years specialists, your little one will get the very best start through our enriching and wellbeing focused Bright Beginnings Curriculum.

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Bright Horizons Curriculum in Scotland and Wales

Curriculum in Scotland and Wales

All our nurseries follow and adhere to the requirements of their national curriculums.

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Early Years Development - Bright Horizons

Early Years Development

From when you first discover you’re expecting, through to having a baby and right up until they're ready for school, we’re here to support you and your family every step of the way.

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SEND at Bright Horizons


Special Educational needs, disability and inclusion (SENDI) at Bright Horizons.
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