A Bright Beginning for Every Child

A Bright Beginning for Every Child

We believe that every child deserves the best start in life. We understand the importance of academic achievement and the opportunities that this gives the children in our care. We also know that early learning is about so much more and includes high-quality care, healthy nutrition and a varied, holistic education.

Wellbeing Significance

A child’s overall wellbeing has a huge impact on their ability to learn. Feeling happy, comfortable and safe in their surroundings is especially important for children as these factors make a considerable difference in how receptive they are to listen to others, interact and learn new skills. Our enhanced focus on early years’ wellbeing works supports our ongoing parent and carer partnerships. Together, we can improve children’s life chances, both academically and emotionally, as we prepare them for school and beyond.

Our Curriculum

Bright Beginnings is underpinned by our Children’s HEARTS Values for Wellbeing:

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These values ensure that our focus is holistic, looking at every aspect of a child’s experience with us, rather than only focusing on academic teaching. Linked to the HEARTS Values are our Opportunities and Experiences for Learning. These are broken down further into 33 key Aspects, encompassing everything from Reading, Writing and Drawing, and Numbers and Measure, to Critical Thinking, Heuristic Play, Loose Parts, and Caring for Self and Others.

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The HEARTS Values, Opportunities and Experiences for Learning and Aspects combine to create the Bright Beginnings Curriculum. Our approach is aligned with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; a theory by psychologist Abraham Maslow that outlines what humans need to feel fulfilled and able to thrive.


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The Opportunities and Experiences for Learning, and their Aspects, are aligned to and build on the EYFS prime and specific areas of learning and development. The Curriculum Aspects also build on these to include developmental elements that are vital for children’s emotional wellbeing and growth, as well as physical and educational progress.

By providing our own Early Years curriculum that is based on theory and research, we can invest consistently and holistically in children’s learning and wellbeing across all of our nurseries right from the outset. We teach with our ‘HEARTS’ values as core principles and the curriculum puts children’s wellbeing at the centre of everything we do.

Our enhanced, innovative and holistic curriculum will ensure that children are prepared for the next stage in their learning journey, whether they are moving rooms within our nurseries, or making the big transition to primary school.