Celebrating Milestones

In this article, we hear from one of our fabulous parent panellists, Dina, who shares some significant early years milestone moments that happily include her son’s journey with us at Bright Horizons…  

As a parent I often find myself thinking about the rapid growth and development of my little one, especially since he’s been at nursery. When my baby was born, I received a pack of milestone cards, and it was really quite amazing to see how fast we went through them. I remember how every milestone felt like a victory. With each one, I learned just how resilient my boy was, how he followed his curiosity, and fully explored his seemingly never-ending potential. These early years are so precious and both being part of, and bearing witness to my child’s growth has been nothing short of amazing. In this article, I’ll be sharing some more of my child’s milestone moments – maybe you’ve passed them or you still have a few to look forward to!

The start of the Journey

From the very first day of nursery, each step was marked by excitement and sprinkled with some nerves. I can remember how I used to have a very quiet goodbye, and then this gradually transformed into confident stride into the class as my little one grew more comfortable and confident, and embraced new experiences, friendships, and challenges. Seeing this transformation has been both great to see and bittersweet, as it’s a reminder of my littles one’s growing independence.

First Words

One of my favourite milestones was hearing my child’s first words. From gurgles and simple murmurs to full-blown sentences, each word was a triumph, building language skills and cognitive development. It was pure joy hearing my little one’s first word which, was “Dada” - a moment I’ll never forget. Then, soon my child started to sing nursery rhymes and alphabet songs, and bedtime stories became a cherished ritual. Each thing built upon the next, which really showed how his growth in language and communication came through playtime and all the activities he loves. 

Physical Achievements

My 2-year-old is a ball of energy, and I’m sure this is true for most! Every jump, skip, and hop is something I view as development of coordination, motor skills and physical prowess. I'll never forget the sense of pride on my child's face (and mine!) when he took his first wobbly steps, his first time jumping and now he loves to go trampolining! It’s amazing how fast they grow, develop and pick up everything around them, which is why it’s so important for them to have access to outdoor spaces, have furniture around for them use as they pull themselves up, and exciting spaces that motivate them to explore. Nursery is a wonderful place for all of this to happen while under the guidance and supervision of caring and encouraging practitioners!

Building Friendships

Nursery is not just a place for learning and development but also for learning social skills and building lasting friendships. From sharing toys to taking turns, each interaction teaches valuable lessons in empathy, cooperation, and friendship. These early relationships with peers and friendships lay the foundation for future relationships, teaching important lessons in kindness, patience, and acceptance. Over the last few months, I have really seen my little one develop in bigger social situations and become more confident. 

As all our small children continue to grow and thrive, it’s lovely to celebrate milestones, big or small, celebrating the wonderful individuals they are becoming. From nursery to growing to go to reception and beyond, may their journey be filled with love, laughter, and endless possibilities.

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