Settling in at nursery; our top tips!

Our nursery managers and parents have given us some top tips on getting the most out of your nursery experience with us at Bright Horizons. As you will read below, the relationships between our parents, staff and children are of paramount importance to us and really help give your child the best experience at nursery, and prepare them for the next chapter in their life – school!

Our nursery managers say:

  • When you start with us, please tell us any routines and habits your children have, from waking up in the morning right till early evening before they go to bed. This way we can get to know your child better from the off set, knowing more about what they like and dislike, and from this can help make the drop off an easy process for you both
  • We have an open door policy; as a parent if you have any queries, please ask! No question is a silly question, and we are here to support you and your child any way we can! This way, you can be confident in the care we provide and the relationships you have with our nursery staff
  • To support our curriculum that is embedded into our daily activities in the nursery, we have a Play and Learning at Home programme which offers ideas, advice and suggestions for fun activities for you to try at home, to continue your child’s education and learning

Our parents say:

  • Make the most of the settling in sessions offered by the nursery; it’s a great chance for you to ask any questions you may have and also spend time with the nursery staff that will be looking after your child
  • Try to build relationships with the room leader, and your key worker when they are assigned. Tell them of any routines and preferences you have as a parent for your child, so you can feel confident that the care at nursery is mirroring your parenting at home
  • Get to nursery for pick up with enough time to get the day’s roundup from your key worker, it is great to hear about their day at nursery!
If you would like any more information on any of nurseries local to you, please click here.