Mango and Peach Crunch


1 Mango

200g Peach Slices

400g Yogurt

40g Dried Apricots

40g Sultanas

1 Golden Delicious Apple

5ml Sunflower Oil

50ml Golden Syrup

1/2tsp Vanilla Flavouring

150g Oats


1.Chop the apricots and apples and mix with the sultanas.

2.Mix the fruit, with the oil, oats vanilla and syrup and bake at 140°C for about ten minutes making sure it doesn’t burn.

3.Allow the baked mix to cool.

4.Blend the mango and drained peaches until smooth.

5.Stir in the yogurt

6. Sprinkle the cooled baked fruit and oat mixture over the yogurt and serve.