Lemon Tuna Salad with Asparagus


1 can of tuna
200g asparagus
1 red onion
2 eggs
½ juice and zest of lemon
1tbsp fresh chopped dill
1tsp extra virgin olive oil
125g beans – white beans or cannellini beans


1. Place a pan of water on to boil with a steamer pan above. Once the water is boiling, carefully lower the eggs into the water and add the asparagus to the steamer pan above for approximately 8 minutes (or until the asparagus is soft and the eggs are hard-boiled.)
2. Finely chop the red onion before gently tossing with the other ingredients – tuna, lemon, dill, olive oil and beans.
3. Once mixed place the tuna salad on a serving plate. Cool the eggs under cold water before peeling and slicing. Add the eggs and cooked asparagus to the tuna salad.
The salad is perfect for lunchboxes too and can keep for 2 days in the fridge.