My Bright Start Journey

Date: 17 Jun 2019

My Bright Horizons JourneyThe day I started job searching, after being out for work for many years, I knew my journey would start with Bright Horizons. I applied for the nursery assistant position back in 2013 in the hope that the experience I had with my own children would transfer over to the children I would be caring for. 

Thankfully for me, the manager at the time recognised other skill sets I had that would be better placed in an administration role. Of course I accepted! In my first nursery I was reminded how satisfying and fulfilling it was to become part of a team that soon became my extended family. 

Over time I began contemplating my future, I knew I wanted a more senior role, I just wasn't sure how to achieve it. This is when Bright Horizons extended another life line to me and I interviewed and was promoted to Bright Horizons' flagship nursery's personal assistant! I loved this job, it was new fresh and I was able to be part of the nursery from the very start. Over time I began getting the itch or progression and felt I wanted more. With all the experiences and skills I have learnt from my roles I was promoted again to Business Manager another role I very much enjoyed. 

As my family life changed, the need to for me to be home for my children become more prominent, I needed flexibility, I needed to manage my own time to get the right work-life balance I needed. This is when I was given the opportunity to join the recruitment team and be part of a fantastic and innovative new approach to flexible working - Bright Start. This meant that I was able to visit multiple nurseries and meet some fantastic candidates, but most of all I was able to manage my time and work from home if and when I needed to. 

Bright Horizons has supported me through my whole career journey and for that reason I thank the company for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to develop my strengths and to to grow my career.