Why I Love Working In A Nursery

Why I Love Working in a Nursery

Date: 20 Jun 2019

By Lynsey, Third in charge at Clairmont Nursery, Wilmslow

Working at Bright Horizons"A child can teach you many things, some of them being to be happy without a reason, to be curious and to fight tirelessly for something. The list is endless as to what we can teach them, making working in a nursery one of the most rewarding jobs going! 

In my role I like to take a step back and look at the world from a child’s perspective, how it may look to a baby crawling, a toddler exploring the great outdoors or a Pre-schooler learning to write their own name-all the things us adults do daily without even thinking of how or why we do them. Getting to see the excitement on a child’s face as they develop and learn new things is priceless, I’ve played a part in that achievement and that is why I love my job! 

Every day is different, getting to meet new families, building up relationships and supporting their children as they grow into their own little characters is something I thrive on. The satisfaction from seeing a baby you’ve cared for and developed until they are ready for the next move to school is a feeling that never leaves you and makes you proud to be part of a nursery team. 

I make sure every day is fun and exciting for each and every child whilst supporting their learning and development. My aim is to create everlasting memories and skills for our future generation and that in itself is why I choose this career path and haven’t looked back!"