Q&a’s With Lisa Mccarrol, The Science Champion At 44 St Swithin Nursery

Q&A’s with Lisa McCarrol, the Science Champion at 44 St Swithin nursery

Date: 07 Feb 2019

My name is Lisa McCarrol and I am the Room Leader of the pre-school department at 44 St Swithin nursery in Aberdeen.

Our Science Champion at Bright Horizons at 44 St Swithin in Aberdeen How did you become the science champion at your nursery?

Throughout my career in childcare, I have always found the science activities the most exciting. It’s great to see the children get so excited over the outcome of their experiment and watch them become so engrossed while they investigate. I am always searching for new experiments to try with the children. Because of this, I have taken ownership of becoming the Science Champion of my nursery.

What science activities are the children’s favourite?

Anything that involves bicarbonate of soda and vinegar! There are so many amazing activities that involve those two simple ingredients and you can add a little food colouring or powder paint to make it even more fascinating.

Another is ice, learning about how and why water freezes and also discovering how to make it melt quicker, you just need to make sure you have PLENTY of ice in the freezer as they can spend a long time on this activity and quickly discover how to make it melt! Again, add colour or toys if you’d like to change it up a little.

How have you involved parents to make them more aware of the benefits of our Growing Scientists Enhancement?

In December, I hosted an evening for parents to attend and get stuck in at different science activity stations. This allowed the parents to experience it themselves and gave them ideas of things they could do at home with their children. During the evening, I explained the science behind each activity and what the child would learn from it.

Do you have any tips for parents to support Growing Scientists at home with their children?

If you’re stuck for ideas, ask your nursery’s Science Champion to help you out! We have plenty of activities and a great Growing Scientist booklet to help you out. Also – don’t be afraid to get messy!

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