Bright Horizons Careers - Success Stories

Bright Horizons Careers - Success Stories

Date: 14 Jan 2019

At Bright Horizons, a job in childcare becomes a lifelong career, with training opportunities available to all of our staff. Below are two of our many success stories.

Chloe Spillane, Field Manager

Bright Horizons Careers - Success StoriesMy name is Chloe Spillane and I have been working for Asquith/Bright Horizons for just over four years.

My journey began at the Asquith Chigwell branch in 2014, where I began hosting music sessions with an external company for the children. I really enjoyed my time within the nursery and was offered a full-time position as an unqualified member of staff and began my time in the Toddler Room. The team were extremely supportive and offered me so much help within my first few months, making me feel comfortable and happy in my new role.

I completed my fully funded Level 3 qualification with the company after passing my probation, and through passion, dedication and huge amounts of support from the nursery management team, I was able to become a Room Supervisor within the space of a year and a half.

Following this, I built my confidence up within my role and again after a year and a half went for the position of Assistant Manager. I had my interview and was successful and therefore began this next step in my journey.

After being within my assistant role for just over a year, I recently went for the position of Field Manager which I was again successful within, meaning I have started my new role supporting 15 nurseries within our region.

My passion and dedication to support children was the spark of my progression, however I couldn't have succeeded without the support of my managers and colleagues. Bright Horizons is fantastic company to work for and the support and appreciation they show to their employees is incomparable. 

Claire Farace, Deputy Manager, Chigwell Valley Meadows

Bright Horizons Careers - Success Stories I have worked with the company for 5 and half years and started as a bank staff. I have progressed through the company to Deputy Manager. Through my journey I obtained a Level 3 qualification and have used my knowledge to support the staff team in providing enabling environments for the children. I have supported Staff to help obtain an OFSTED rating of OUTSTANDING in my previous nursery and look forward to working with the staff team at Chigwell to retain their current rating of OUTSTANDING too. I am very passionate about childcare and want to help children obtain the best start in their life. I look forward to my starting my new journey at Chigwell!