Keeping Everyone Safe Activity Ideas

Keeping Everyone Safe Activity Ideas

Date: 21 Nov 2018


UPDATE: June 2020 - If you wish to see how we are keeping everyone safe in nursery as we re-open our settings following the Covid-19 pandemic, please click here for the latest information. 

During November it is both Brake's Road Safety Week (19th – 25th) and our Keeping Everyone Safe Awareness Week (5th – 9th). Bright Horizons Keeping Everyone Safe philosophy supports Road Safety Week as we make it our number one priority to keep everyone safe every day in and around our nurseries.

With this in mind, we’ve put together some activities to help educate children on safety risks and how to keep themselves and others safe:

  • Play spotting games – Talking about traffic when you are out on walks with children is one of the best ways for them to learn about road safety. Where’s the lorry? Can you find a bus? Let’s see who can spot the taxi first. Talk about vehicles you see. Which is biggest or fastest? What colours are they? Which carries the most people? Which way is it going?
  • Use safety props – Introduce some safety props at home and use them to prompt a discussion with your child on how each item helps keep us safe or how we use them safely. Mention our Health and Safety mascot, Candy Floss, to support the discussion as your child should be familiar with him keeping them safe at nursery. Items you could use include: oven gloves, toy iron, toy kettle, toy teapot, toy toaster, toy fire extinguisher, toy telephone, toy hair dryer, toy torch, clean empty sunscreen bottles and sun hats.
  • Road safety role play – Set up a small world play road safety activity with cars, lorries and figures. Create stand up photo figures of the children and yourselves so they can role play road safety. Invite them to create a zebra crossing and some traffic lights. Initiate safety discussions using the props.

For more inspiration, see what our nurseries got up to during our Keeping Everyone Safe Awareness Week:

Tonbridge Day Nursery and Preschool

Keeping Everyone Safe Activity Ideas

The babies at Tonbridge Day Nursery and Preschool have been celebrating 'Keeping Everyone Safe' week by using Candy Floss to talk about fireworks. Candy Floss joined in on a walk, where they spoke about the police who help to keep everyone safe and how to cross roads safely.

Asquith New Eltham Day Nursery

Keeping Everyone Safe Activity Ideas

Our New Eltham Day Nursery set up a safety station! Children designed their own safety helmet for Candy Floss.

Asquith Raynes Park Preschool & Day Nursery

Keeping Everyone Safe Activity Ideas

Candy Floss helped the children at Asquith Raynes Park Preschool and Day Nursery to stay safe when crossing the road.