All Things Growing And Gardening

All Things Growing and Gardening

Date: 24 May 2018

We’ve been focusing on all things growing and gardening this month following on from National Gardening Week (30th April – 6th May) and also our own Green Gardeners Awareness Week (7th – 11th May). Our awareness week highlighted the ways in which we inspire children to enjoy the pleasure of growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs and see them made into nutritious meals and snacks. Now that the warm spring days have arrived it’s the perfect time to get out in the garden, and with this in mind we’ve put together a list of activities for you to try out with your child:

  1. Create a sensory garden
  2. Develop a mud kitchen
  3. Examine different seeds with a magnifying glass and compare
  4. Use different coloured paper to create a flower garden
  5. Create a sunflower gardening project by starting your seeds in plastic cups (or try growing other plants such as lettuce, cress, carrots or peas)
Read below to see what our some of our nurseries got up to during our Green Gardeners Awareness Week:

The Green Gardeners at our Fleet Day Nursery have eagerly watched and waited for their spring bulbs to bloom and were very excited when they finally did. The children loved to see all the colours in the garden, smell the flowers and learn all their different names. They enjoyed them so much that they cut the stem of the flower and popped them into plastic cups so they could have them on their tables at lunchtime.

All Things Growing and Gardening

The pre-school children at our Haslemere Day Nursery were excited to find some vegetables in the growing area which they collected ready to take home to show their families.

All Things Growing and Gardening

The preschool children at our Enfield Barley Barn Day Nursery have been busy planting vegetables.

The children at Elsie Inglis Day Nursery were given seeds to take home and grow, some had lettuce, others cress, carrots or peas. One mum and her son worked together to take care and grow their pea shoots, they kindly recorded the growth in a really fun way. Click here to watch the video!

Green Gardeners is one of our unique Growing Enhancements, to find out more about our Growing Enhancements click here.