If You Believe In Yourself Anything Is Possible.

If you believe in yourself anything is possible.

Date: 24 Apr 2018

I joined the Wolfson Court Family back in 2009 as a nursery assistant fresh out of college. Since joining the nursery I have been supported continuously with furthering my development within the company. Within 6 months of joining the company I was signed up onto my NVQ; within a year I was then a Qualified Nursery Nurse, supporting other colleagues with getting signed up too, and being there to help when they needed support or guidance. 

In 2012 I applied for the deputy room leader role within my room. I worked extremely hard alongside my room leader to ensure we were delivering a high level of care to our families and their children on a day to day basis. Come 2014 I was able to progress to being the Baby Room Leader. I have always been based within the baby room environment and personally this is where I have excelled within my career, however I do enjoy experiencing the other ages too! 

 I always look back on my journey and am extremely grateful to have been surround by colleagues and friends that inspire me each and every day, and thanks to them I have been able to gradually get to where I’ve wanted to be. In 2016 I became a first time mum, and the team at Wolfson court were truly amazing, and the parents were too! I was lucky enough to experience 9 months maternity leave which was wonderful to have spent with my little boy. 

When returning to work there was an opportunity to further my development by applying for the role of Third in Charge of the Nursery. I have now been in this role for just over a year and am continuously learning new things! I am surrounded by a very supportive management team and couldn’t ask for a better work family. My manager has been a huge inspiration to me over my years of service with the company; when I joined she was a Nursery Nurse herself. The company has supported me with lots of chances to further my training even more. I am one of the named officers for SEND (Special Education Needs and Disability) and DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead) and I‘m looking forward to what’s in my next chapter.

If you would like to join the team of inspiring childcare practitioners at Wolfson Court Day Nursery, please follow this link http://ow.ly/BYGJ30jKf7f