Learning Is Fun Family Fun Day

Learning is Fun Family Fun Day

Date: 26 Apr 2018

Earlier this month we hosted our ‘Learning is Fun Family Fun Day’ which gave parents the opportunity to discover the fun and stimulating environments that inspire children’s learning and development. Statistics from our Bright Horizons Ready for School Survey 2017 show that 94% of parents believe their child starts school with a strong enthusiasm to learn. With this in mind, our Family Fun Day was a fantastic opportunity for parents and their children to try out some fun learning activities together.

Continuing to celebrate our ‘Learning is Fun’ theme, we’ve put together some activity ideas for you to try out at home with your child:

  • Sock Sorting – A fun early maths activity for busy toddlers. Select approximately 10 – 12 pairs of different pattered and coloured socks, unfurl them and then place them into a basket or box. Invite your child to help you sort the socks.
  • Play Dough Cakes for Counting Fun – Play alongside your child making cakes with play dough, roll into balls in your hand or use a rolling pin and cutters. Place one paper cake case into each ‘hole’ in the tin or cellophane insert, counting each one aloud.
  • Where’s it Gone? - A fun and engaging way to develop a young baby’s understanding of object permanence – a major milestone in cognitive development. This is best done sitting in front of your baby either on the floor or when your baby is seated in a highchair. Pop the scarf, tea towel or napkin over your face then pull it away quickly and say “Peek – a - Boo”. Repeat again and then invite your baby to pull the scarf, tea towel or napkin off to reveal your face. This becomes a game of great anticipation and fun as your baby discovers that you’ve not disappeared. Extend the game by hiding a favourite object, such as a teddy, under the scarf, tea towel or napkin and saying “where’s Teddy gone”? As baby pulls the scarf, tea towel or napkin away to reveal teddy say “there’s Teddy”!

Did you miss out?

Our next Family Fun Day will be held in July so keep an eye out for more information! If you’d like to find out more about our Growing Enhancements or book a personal tour, call us on 0333 920 4344.