Raising Awareness For Safer Internet Day

Raising Awareness for Safer Internet Day

Date: 05 Feb 2018

Safer Internet Day, designed to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people, falls this week on Tuesday 6th February. This year’s theme is ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect: a better internet starts with you’. The day is a fantastic opportunity to take a look at the positive uses of technology and explore the ways in which we can help create a better and safer online community. Here are key statistics from the Safer Internet Day 2017 report which summarises the findings from an online survey in which 1,500 young people took part:

  • 70% of 8-17 year olds said that they have seen images and videos not suitable for their age in the last year and almost 2 in 5 (38%) have received negative comments on a photo they have posted.
  • Over half (56%) of young people aged 8-17 years said they have shared images or videos on a public social media profile, with almost a third (31%) saying that most of the photos they share are on a public profile that can be seen by anyone. Almost a quarter said they don’t know how to control who can see what they post on social media (23%). Only half of 8-17 year olds (51%) said they always think about what personal information they could be sharing before they post a photo or video online.
  • 4 in 5 young people said that they had been inspired by an image or video online to take positive action online and offline.

 “Keeping Everyone Safe” is our biggest priority at Bright Horizons and because of this our nurseries will be promoting and raising awareness for Safer Internet Day all week so please keep an eye out for updates and stories on our social media platforms!

The UK Safer Internet Centre has collectively put together various activities and resources for parents to use including our friend Digiduck’s story and Smartie the Penguin:

Why not try these at home and help raise awareness of E-Safety with your child?

For more information on Safer Internet Day please click here or to download an education pack including conversation starters, a factsheet, family pledge card and more please click here!